One Call Brings A Roofer – Not A Salesman

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A Certified Roof Repair - Same Day Service

"Oh I thought It Was Going To Cost Me More"

That's the response I usually get from homeowners when I tell them that the price for our average repair is

only $300-$600. "Well, we do it all
the time," I usually respond. "We install plenty of new roofs, but we
are also highly specialized in roof repairs.

The Problem Is That Most Local Roofing Companies Don't Want To Do Roof Repair Work.

You see, most of my competitors don't even want to do roof repairs; they're after the BIG jobs. Repairs don't fit into their "business model."

Well, we like the big jobs too, but we also know that there are a bunch of homeowners out there that just need small roof repairs done -- and there is just no sense in paying an-arm-and-a-leg for them. It doesn't make sense.

We Specialize in Roof Repairs.

My customers tell me that I do a better job and charge a lower price than other companies that routinely bid over $1,000.00 for the same re-pair work! I'm really amazed at some of the prices I hear about! It just seems outrageous to me to charge so much.

You Don't Even Have To Be At Home

The good news is that you don't even need to be home when I make the diagnosis. It's fine if you are, but as long as you can be available by telephone to talk about the inspection -- and authorize the work. The trick is that by being more efficient, and doing the diagnosis and the repair in the "same trip", we can save time and money -- and I can pass the savings along to you.

It's really just that simple, and most of my customers are saying that money's a little tight right now and that every "little bit" helps.

First, you get a complete analysis of the roof problem, then we'll discuss the solution.

All materials and labor of course is included in the pricing.

"no leak" guarantee covering the repair.This will cover about 90% of all the roof repairs I come across!

And if during the process we DO find that additional work is necessary, we will quote you a reasonable fixed price and will not start any work without your permission. Promise.

Here's What You Will NOT Get!

This is not one of those "get-up-there-and-smear-goop-on-the-leak" temporary fixes!

"What If The Inspection Reveals That I Need a New Roof?"

Well, you really don't need to end up paying for a roof repair AND a new roof, do you? -- That's like paying double. But your roof needs repairs now and you need to protect your home from additional damage, right?

So, here's an added bonus -- an offer that has me taking all the risks. Repair your roof now to protect your home, and then I'll CREDIT you the ENTIRE AMOUNT of our roof repair if you have us install your new roof later! Here it is in writing:

"Get your roof repaired by City Roofing now. If you purchase a new roof from us within the next year (12 months), I will subtract the entire cost of your repair from the new roofing contract amount, no strings attached."

You Get Your Money Back! That's Almost Like Getting Your Repair Done For FREE.

Wow! That's alot like getting your roof repaired for FREE -- and it really provides a solution if you need an immediate repair AND you're thinking about a new roof. In fact, it might be too good, so I'm reserving the right to discontinue or modify this program at any time.

DO NOT fall for roofing contractors that advertise "call us today and we'll put your roof on tomorrow". You're at a greater risk of getting pressured into buying an overpriced roof that you won't be happy with. If you're in the market for a new roof, I would like to give you time to "step back", do your research, compare styles and colors . . . but most of all make an informed buying decision without pressure.